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Banana Republic Jeans is currently owned by Gap Inc. which also owns Gap, Gap Canada, Old Navy, Piper Lime, Forth and Towne. Currently, Banana Republic Jeans offers many fashionable styles of blue jeans. They feature the dark wash bootcut, dirty wash bootcut, vintage-blue premium, get the blues, noticeable style, versatile ease, and the straight leg jean.

The dark wash bootcut jean is made out of a durable ring-spun denim design in a dark indigo and has a broken in feel to it. The dirty wash bootcut has a distressed style with a darker wash than the dark wash bootcut and also has a broken in feel to it. The combination of the dark wash and the broken in feel gives it the authentic denim look.

The vintage-blue premium jean is the lightest of the jeans by Banana Republic. It too has a pre-worn style to it, but features a hand finished whiskered front and the worn style in the back. The get the blues style doesn?t have any wear or denim wash to it, but it is the most basic of blue jeans the offer.

The noticeable style is exactly like the get the blues style but has a lighter color to it. The straight leg style is broken in with a grain look and feel and bathed in sulphur for the grey cast look and stonewashed for the softness.

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