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Jeans were originally created in Genoa, Italy for the Genoese Navy because their sailors needed an all purpose trouser that would be able to stand up in all conditions whether they were wet or dry.

Over time, blue jeans found its way into American culture and society. Initially, blue jeans were worn by workers as trousers for work. But, during the 1950?s blue jeans would find its way into politics between teenagers and their community. They used blue jeans as their symbol for protesting against the community and parents in general.

Though, it started with blue jeans, many new styles would soon find its way into the homes of millions. Currently, the latest and hottest jeans are those by such companies like American Eagle Jeans and Banana Republic Jeans.

These jeans are fun and sexy and are mostly popular among teens and adults. Because of the bargain and the quality of the designer jeans, blue jeans have become very popular among virtually all age groups.

The latest hot fashions of jeans between women and men alike are the signature series, classic, relaxed, loose fit, slim fit, and stretch jeans. Blue jeans come in all sizes for women and men.

Jeans have won the heart of all ages and don?t look to be leaving the fashion scene anytime soon.

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